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Responsive Shopify Skywalker Design


Our main motive to develop a website is to strike the right serve. It’s not always a great idea that makes a great website. Even simplest of ideas can be used to create great websites, and same thing we do on Skywalker. At Skywalker, we focus on brands, how could enhance the sale of this website. Skywalker is a phenomenon of rising technology, and how it is evolving, it is making daily travel more immersing and entertaining. Skywalker is selling Self-Balancing scooter or Self-balancing two-wheeled board, Skywalker is experience of your daily walk impressive. The design of this website is effectively created by our developers.


While planning to develop this website, establishing trust, increasing traffic on website features and graphic too comes.
Overall make the site look sleeker to give an edge over competitors to arrange all the details in well defined manner.

Design challenges

Design is key issue of any website, while creating design of Skywalker, we pointed to add videos feature, manual text, different kind of manual support, In this website to add all product feature on landing page that makes website admirable, designers are constantly facing the challenge of building a website which is compatible with almost all the major browsers. After designing a website, it is tested on all browsers to ensure that the website is completely working properly. Although there’s no stopping from making the website awful.

Other challenges

On the reverse, there are some other challenges that are faced in designing. These challenges are about keeping a website responsive enough so that it can be viewed and accessed on all devices. Sometimes websites take time to load, so in order to provide a better user experience, one of the biggest challenge for web design is to make website load faster.

What we delivered:

  • Responsive designing on all the media(Mobile Phones/ Tablet/ Desktop).
  • Project accomplished sucessfully with in given timeframe.
  • Providing Ongoing support when required.
  • Interact client time to time and try to accomplish requirement of the client in effective manner.

App Integration:

  • Pre-order
    • Users can order “Out of Stock” products.
    • Admin can set custom message to be displayed on Pre-order product.
    • Admin can set percentage of amount to be paid for Pre-order product.
    • Using this module registered customer can pay full or partial payment that has been set by the admin in the configuration for their Pre-order Settings.
    • Using this module public customer can do a pre-order but they have to pay full amount at time of the order.
    • Admin can set mode of notification either to ‘Automatic’ or ‘Manual’ according to the avilablility of the pre-order product.
  • Review App
  • Review app allows top add features to add the reviews of customers. this provides a way for your customers to interact with you.

    • e-commerce E-mail marketing By soundset

    Connect E-mail marketing by soundset for Shopify, and we’ll automatically synchronize customers and their purchased data to e-commerce E-mail marketing By soundset. Use Shopify data to create targeted campaigns, or use our e-commerce link tracking to track sales.

    • EMI -Intergration

    EMI is payment methods , it allows you to pay your order on your orders in easy monthly installments.

    • Paylater and Zippaymoney:

    Buy now. Paylater. Interest free,The smarter way to pay online and in-store.

    • Yo – Display Recent Sales in Real Time:

    our visitors will see recent orders from real people in real-time, providing them with confidence to shop on your store.

    • Create a sense of community and engagement on your site
    • Instantly increase your conversion rates with social proof!

Who are we?

SANIX are the fast growing Shopify Experts in India.

Sanix did a FANTASTIC job. They are very professional and set goals to working non stop to complete the job. Communication was awesome back and fourth. They definitely have the skills thats required to build a website on all the popular website development platforms. Honest and Smart. Thank you..

—, Kristina Orlic